Friday, April 30, 2010

Covers - World's Finest 149

"To heck with crime,Robin let's have a little fun with that colorful guy from Metropolis!"

Boy, Batman's new depression meds seem to be working out fine!

Panels and Pages - Captain America 3

Slow down, boys! Get to know each other a little first. Perhaps a Latte at a small cafe with ambiance?
Geez, Bucky get a room!

Covers - Superman volume 1 Number 221

Not to Mention becoming a Super-Lout, Mr. Super-Insensitive!
At least the old silver age Superman covers had a whimsical approach in the artwork for this type of story. The bronze age was a'comin' and the art on this cover proved it was waaaaaay past time for printing up these kinds of stories.
Super-Fatso, indeed.