Thursday, July 30, 2015

1967 Jack Kirby Spider-Man That Looks Great!

I found a picture of Spider-man done by Jack Kirby that looks much better than the ones I usually see online.  Love the eerie-ness of the mask.
I'm sure the Kirby Collector has highlighted this at some point, but since I just saw it, it's new to me!
Hope you like it too!

Monday, May 11, 2015


Well, I guess everyone now knows that the Marvel most of us knew is coming to an end.  Just like Crisis on Infinite Earths before it and DC's current (not a) reboot option, Marvel is ridding itself of many years of history baggage and cherry-picking the best for the next cycle.  Didn't they do that once and call it an Ultimate universe?  Not as ultimate as once thought I guess.  But that universe is being cherry-picked too and will end at the same time.
I once owned the poster represented here (sans 'R.I.P.) and it adorned my walls until it could no longer hold itself together.  Maybe that's what's going on with Marvel.  Just can't hold itself together any more.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Meme...

I thought this series of panels would make a nice meme.  Do with it what you will!

Robot rethinks the funny:

Comic Fan Time Machine Presents: Fanzine Art...

From The Superhero Calendar from 1964:  
The Owl and Captain America!
SUPER-HERO CALENDAR FANZINE (1964) - 16 pages, ditto. Super-rare zine published by Bernie Bubnis, with each month illustrated by a fan artist, including Ken Tesar, Bill J. White, Alan Weiss, Buddy Saunders, Ronn Foss, Howard Keltner, Grass Greene, and Raymond Miller.

They are JUST friends....

As I have stated before they are NOT gay!  Really.  They are not.  If they were intended to be gay, fine.  But Bob Kane and Bill Finger...(um, scratch that last sentence).
There is a reasonable explanation for this image.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Zombie Superman Update

I added some roughing up on this bad boy and figured it was worth an update.  Hope you like! If you share, please post a link to this blog.  Thanks!

Daredevil to Get Netflix Series...

...because anyone who can do THIS to the Black Widow and live deserves a series!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Super Shilling...

Superman merch has been around a looong time.  It started early but it is still amazing to see just a bit of the huge volume of items that DC was making money from.  
Just makes me sad for Supe's creators who didn't see a dime of any of this.

"Giant Size Man-Thing" is Not as Funny Now...

Ok, Sallis.  No need to announce it.