Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hey, I thought Batman was a creature of the night! 
So...what, a nice stack of pancakes at IHOP and a stiff O.J. puts you in the mood to smack criminal buttock?
What happens if I get mugged around lunch?
I'll keep a biscuit handy so as to keep you at your fighting best.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Italy Just Ain't Gettin' it... Part 2

Next up, we have the crime of all crimes:

Publishing a Batman comic with a gun ad(!) on the back cover.
Bats probably isn't happy especially since he has several of them pointed at him on the front cover!
More of Italy's crimes against the Bat to come.

Italy Just Ain't Gettin' it... Part 1

I'm sure times have changed since these items first saw the light of day but time was Italy weren't a' getting this whole Batman thing.
First they change his costume.  Granted, the movie wasn't portraying the 'Dark Knight' per se but geez.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Proper Respect...

This is a Comic Book Foldee.  Fold 'em so the top part connects with another bottom and hilarity ensues.
Came out in 1966, when DC was in the midst of their silver age revival of golden age characters.  Not the 're-imagined' characters, I'm speaking of the original guys making a comeback.  The first was the Golden Age Jay Garrick, the Flash.  Lotsa trumpet blowing and ballyhoo later, the whole Justice Society of America  is back on the scene.  They interact with the Justice League and everyone is happy.
To get these great time-honored icons some extra exposure, DC put some of them on their swag.
In order to give the first cross-over character his just props, they gave him a great reference:
Old Flash.
Yeah, I'd scowl too Jay.

But at least you didn't get the Saturn Girl treatment:

Nothing amiss, you say?
Try the folding trick, it reads "Saturn Girl  The Pig"
Where's Matter-Eater-Lad when ya need him?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Marvel Comics Sugar Free Gum Wrappers

If you'd like to see some more really bad jokes, let me know and I'll post more of these.
REALLY bad jokes.

Actual Marvel Crate Label...

     I saw one of these recently and could not resist a purchase.

Marvel Lemons.


And the typeface for the word 'Marvel'.

Juicy is what that is, my friends.

This Amazing Spider-Sissy!

Butthead: Hey, lookit!  Spider-man's wearing girlie-lace!
Beavis: Yea and he's gettin' his butt kicked!
Butthead: Huh. Yea, if I saw him in lace, I'd kick his butt too.
Beavis: Spider-man's a girl.
Butthead: Huh. Yea.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Batman, You're Just a Bit Close and I.....Whoa!

What the?
Is Batman...?
The look on his face...
The ladies and Supes think it's funny?

Never mind.  I don't wanna know.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Little-Known Facts...

In the mid-1940's, Captain America and Bucky used a newly invented rage release method of dancing and inadvertently created breakdancing.
This particular incident took place outside of the Red Skull's mountain hideout in 1943. Seems Cap had just mashed his finger on a rock or something.
Pump up some Run-DMC while looking at this and you'll see it happen before your very eyes!

Artistic License : Spider-man and His Lengthening Tights!

Watch the leg on the right.

Trace of Venom in that suit, perhaps?

Alllll Aboard the Galactusville Trolley!

Thanos Imperative introduces the newest mode of transport in the Marvel Universe.
The Galactus Train will hit Poppup, Sakaar, and all points west.
Tickets to Planet X, the Zombie  and Monkey Earths and the Living Planet will cost extra.
Shalla Bal will not be included for the foreseeable future.

One More Lie...

Ahh, the fiasco that is Spider-Man's 'did that part happen' life.

 The latest:

No.  You toyed with the devil, Petey.
And HE saved good ol' Auntie May, continuing a severely inaccurate portrayal of the Spidey we used to know.
Promiscuity in a comic little kids read?
Peter Parker does it all, now man!
Mary Jane takes the lumps for the devil-dealing, though.
She tells the devil Pete would NEVER undo their marriage unless she tells him to.
Geez, Parker, Man up!
You used to be so decisive. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Friday Visit with Grammer...

"...deserve better than what we're giving them."

Giving them.

I can't believe he said it either Aunt May.

Class dismissed.

Headlight Cover!

Oh my.
This joke was so lame, but I couldn't stop myself. I think I have been possessed by the demon of bad jokes.
No, wait.
Margaret Cho isn't dead yet. (unlike her act! Whoa! Zing!)

Covers - All Star Comics 19 by Alex Wright

Once upon a time a long time ago, I used to be a fan of Alex Wright's artwork. Time passed and now I am merely a HUGE fan of Alex Wright's artwork! Alex himself too, actually.
I passed on some samples of his work to Roy Thomas and it resulted in a 1943 calendar for the prozine Alter Ego a few years back. He did some more work for Roy in Alter Ego but for the original hook-up, he asked me if I'd like him to do a cover for me.
I thought about it for a long time, roughly 3 seconds and said yes! I picked one of my favorite covers from the Golden Age of comics: All Star 19 from way back in 1943. Alex did more than justice to the original by Joe Gallagher and it adorns my office to the envy of all who see it.
Hope you like it as much as I do and thanks again, Alex!

(p.s.--although Alex gifted me with a copy of this, it is still his work so don't use it without his permission.)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Panels and Pages - Savage Axe of Ares 1

Since the time Stan the Man left Marvel, they have tried very hard to maintain (or recapture) the warm, fuzzy feeling that the small bullpen used to have. Assistant Editor's Month springs to mind.
It was fun then, now it just seems self-serving. These fellows who grew up reading comics and not so much other forms of literature are now finding themselves with jobs at the company they grew up with.
Not a good thing.
This piece is so idiotic it really becomes humorous. Photoshop has been around awhile guys, get over it.
I can't imagine how funny it might be if more people actually knew who this guy is!

Panels and Pages - Beware 14 1953


Now kiddies, let's take notes: if your potential love interest wants something, GET IT!
With the dedication this man has to making this hookup happen, the relationship is sure to last!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Panels and Pages - Wolverine Origins 47

If this is true, Disney really got sold a bill of goods from their research and development team when they worked on Lion King.

Oh, wait. They stole that from Japan's Kimba anyway, so I guess it's Japan who needed to dig a bit deeper for that true-to-life feel for their characters.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mike Vosburg and the Cowl!

Here's a nice it piece of commission artwork done by the incomparable Mike Vosburg. It's his and Ronn Foss' the Cowl. That's Ronn in his early fandom days in the inset. Mike's wonderful renditions of the human form have graced fanzines, tv, comics, and more!
His were the cover renditions you saw on HBO's Tales From the Crypt series. His work is all over the internet and soon a piece on his fanzine, Masquerader will appear at our sister site, Comic Book Fanzines: Chain Letters for Disturbed Children here.
Do yourself a favor and look him up!
Tell 'em the Captain sent ye!

The Hero Initiative: And now, 3000 words on Phil Seuling

Here's a great article on the late, great Phil Seuling. If you collect comics, enjoy comic movies or play comics related games then you should know this larger than life man.

The Hero Initiative: And now, 3000 words on Phil Seuling

Magazineland Comic Book for 1977 with Marvel and DC Characters and More!

What a interesting item we have for you today.
I'm positive that this booklet was created for the Magazineland, USA celebration circa 1977.  It was attended by Phil Seuling the famed comic convention organizer.  I have provided a link to a video of this event here.
If you have any info on this, the Captain would love to hear from you!