Wednesday, June 18, 2014

HeroesCon in Charlotte Posts Harassment Policy...

Well, if you are going to HeroesCon hosted by SuperFan Sheldon Drum, you better leave your snarky comments at home this time.
For the first time, a harassment policy will (presumably) be enforced.
I'm sorry to say that not only have some inconsiderate fans made cosplayers and others feel unwelcome at other large Cons, but some of the creators of the comics we love so much have done the same.
I hate that the culture we live in makes a minor few feel that they are entitled to act like an asshat when in 'their environment'.
At least one creator who will be in attendance (I'm not naming names, but you can find their dirty laundry at lesser blogs) has had a spotlight trained on the asinine comments he made to people that were perceived as 'non-fans'.
I hope he reads this:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New DC Solicits for June...

I don't usually post new comic !anything! here at Misadventure Cruise Lines, but I actually like a few of these "Bombshell" covers that evoke old pin-up calendars and WW2 plane nose art.
Some have called these sexist, but I think this is pretty tame compared to the usual violence and semi-nudity popping up in current funny books.  Enjoy!

Now THAT'S How to Commit a Crime!

Witness now the botched first attempt to scar the face of Harvey Dent, the Batman villain also known as Two Face!
What could have possibly gone wrong? (The Clock didn't get many gigs after this.)