Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Meme...

I thought this series of panels would make a nice meme.  Do with it what you will!

Robot rethinks the funny:

Comic Fan Time Machine Presents: Fanzine Art...

From The Superhero Calendar from 1964:  
The Owl and Captain America!
SUPER-HERO CALENDAR FANZINE (1964) - 16 pages, ditto. Super-rare zine published by Bernie Bubnis, with each month illustrated by a fan artist, including Ken Tesar, Bill J. White, Alan Weiss, Buddy Saunders, Ronn Foss, Howard Keltner, Grass Greene, and Raymond Miller.

They are JUST friends....

As I have stated before they are NOT gay!  Really.  They are not.  If they were intended to be gay, fine.  But Bob Kane and Bill Finger...(um, scratch that last sentence).
There is a reasonable explanation for this image.