Friday, October 11, 2013

October Page of the Month...

FF Volume 2, Page 15 by Mike Allred.
Awesome page in a very fun book for all ages!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beware the Batman with Plastic Man Tribute...

The recent episode of Beware the Batman (Instinct) has a nice little tribute to the Golden Age Plastic Man and his tragic artist Jack Cole.  The logo for the company Batman is to investigate is "Cole Plastics" in the form of one of Plastic Man's many disguises.  I actually thought Patrick 'Eel' O'Brian might show up!
Nice to see that the someone in there actually reads comics!

Friday, September 6, 2013

SubPanels: Batman and Commissioner Gordon on Friendship...

Okay, it's like this: if you are going to be 'friends' with The Bat, expect to be victim to a backhander every now and again.

From Batman: The Dark Knight #23, page 11, 2013.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rectifying a Mistake About Jonathan Hickman, Fantastic Four # 574 and the Word 'Retard'...

      It's possible that no one will ever read this.  I don't keep up with the traffic and such.  Mostly, this blog lets me yak about a few things I like or dislike and sometimes I am surprised with the results.  I once took offense at the use of the word 'retard' by Reed and Sue Richards daughter, Valeria Richards in a marvel comic.

 The backlash of that was that I was wrong and it is used by kids everywhere and I should get over myself.  Because it was becoming evident that there were more people willing perpetuate their own bottom-feeding attitude than not, I took the post down.  In fact, I took the entire blog down.  I was wrong to do both.  I don't mind healthy discussion, but to blather on just to get a reaction is not a discussion.  Even the writer of the book Jonathan Hickman gave a response that was no apology or even an admission of anything wrong.  I still stand by my opinion that 'retard' is a word that is hurtful, derogatory, and hateful.  Nothing anyone can say about free speech will change that.  It's bad in real life and in unforgivable in comics.  Children read and then perpetuate this ignorance about hurtful language. I stand my ground and if you want to talk in a rational manner, fine.
If you want to convince me that hurting a child's, any child's feelings over expression in a comic then go haunt someone else's blog.

Things That Went Out With The Golden Age #1...

...or "Words you never hear together" as in weight-gain for women.

Dick Quick...

Real comic.
I cannot make this stuff up.

Ragnarok and Roll...

There could be no better name for a role-playing game that involves dice.
Think hard on this.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Yet Another All Star #3 Parody Cover...

This time, we can thank the Spongebob Squarepants Annual #1 for the Year of Our Lord 2013 aka the Spongebob Annual-Size Super-Giant Swimtacular (whew!) for remembering it's golden age roots!
The story titled, "Lo, There Shall Be a Catered Affair!" concerns Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy reuniting with their old teammates, the Aquatic Adventurers.
Stan Lee would be proud of a title like that!
The story is very nice, the art is great and one of my favorite artists Jerry Ordway handles the flashback sequences. (75th Reunion?  How old ARE these guys?)
Whether you are a fan of Spongebob or not, the opportunity to see the Green Harpoon is hardly something any self-respecting fan of the silver age of comics can pass up!  All this comics history goodness takes place in the first story alone!  
Spongebob is impressed with GH's still-in-shape gluts.
Even the cover is a great homage to a time gone by and is worth getting if only for that.  Good, clean stories you can sit and read with your kids (and you should, actually).

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Disney-Marvel Mashup...

This was started back when the news was a lot newer.  Never got around to finishing it and it languished on in the old back files.  I present it incomplete, as the news is old now and it's only purpose is to provide you with fodder to heckle me.  :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

HeroesCon 2013!

If you want this shirt, you will get in your vehicle and get your butt to Charlotte, NC for the 2013 HeroesCon.
With guests like Jim Sterako, Neal Adams, Michael Golden, Roy Thomas, Bernie Wrightson and Joe Staton (to name a few) you can't be disappointed!
See ya there!

Monday, June 3, 2013

99 Lead Balloons

How Robin kept from severe lead poisoning and/or cancer during his time with Batman is just beyond me.
"After this, let's try out those new Bat-asbestos suits I made, Robin old chum!"

(Panel from Batman Vol 1 #88)

Lucky Stiff!

Man, the golden age Joker had it made!  He could go to a ballgame and goof without anyone giving him a second glance, white face and all!

Even when he gets the attention of catching a homer, he just gets called 'Lucky' and everybody goes home.
Just go rob a bank or something, dude.  Nobody'll know it's you.

(Panels from Batman Vol 1 #86)

Assault on DC!

"No, stop!  Leggo, bro!  I'm a big shot! I'm the Superman DC National Comics (whew!) logo!"
"But you look sooooooo goooood!"
"Stop it perv!  Besides, Didio has done enough of this already! STOP!"

Introducing: The Iranian Batman!!

Wasn't what I was expecting either.

(Panel from Batman vol. 1 #88)

Air is Getting a Bit Thin... bare, exposed legs are no problem however, thanks for asking!

(panel from Batman vol. 1 #93)

Remember When...

...Iron Man used skates?  This is from Secret Wars, but he was known to go roller bootin' in his own mag as well.

Steely Dan's Everything You Did.

I never knew you 
You were a roller skater 
You gonna show me later 
Turn up the Eagles the neighbors are listening

Shot in the Dark here Cap...

...but perhaps CREEPILY SPYING ON YOUR PARTNERS AT NIGHT might have something to do with it.
Just kiddin' Cap, I love ya man!

(Panel from Captain America #144/Art by Gray Morrow)

How Thanos Kills Time Waiting for the Next Avengers Movie...

Looks like he's had this going on for a while, too!

Iron Chef (Captain) America Followed by Kitchen Nightmares Starring Rick Jones...

When you're Captain America, everything you do is hardcore including giving Jarvis tips on how to make EXTREME CAPTAIN'S WAFERS!!  ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!


(Panel from Avengers 107/Written by Steve Englehart/Art by Jim Starlin)

Random Panel Salute Mondays...

The Cap'n would like to take a moment to salute all those at Hyacckk!
Giving so much and asking so little.

Hail Hyacckk!

(from Avengers vol. 1 #108/art by Don Heck)