Thursday, May 13, 2010

Panels and Pages - Savage Axe of Ares 1

Since the time Stan the Man left Marvel, they have tried very hard to maintain (or recapture) the warm, fuzzy feeling that the small bullpen used to have. Assistant Editor's Month springs to mind.
It was fun then, now it just seems self-serving. These fellows who grew up reading comics and not so much other forms of literature are now finding themselves with jobs at the company they grew up with.
Not a good thing.
This piece is so idiotic it really becomes humorous. Photoshop has been around awhile guys, get over it.
I can't imagine how funny it might be if more people actually knew who this guy is!

Panels and Pages - Beware 14 1953


Now kiddies, let's take notes: if your potential love interest wants something, GET IT!
With the dedication this man has to making this hookup happen, the relationship is sure to last!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Panels and Pages - Wolverine Origins 47

If this is true, Disney really got sold a bill of goods from their research and development team when they worked on Lion King.

Oh, wait. They stole that from Japan's Kimba anyway, so I guess it's Japan who needed to dig a bit deeper for that true-to-life feel for their characters.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mike Vosburg and the Cowl!

Here's a nice it piece of commission artwork done by the incomparable Mike Vosburg. It's his and Ronn Foss' the Cowl. That's Ronn in his early fandom days in the inset. Mike's wonderful renditions of the human form have graced fanzines, tv, comics, and more!
His were the cover renditions you saw on HBO's Tales From the Crypt series. His work is all over the internet and soon a piece on his fanzine, Masquerader will appear at our sister site, Comic Book Fanzines: Chain Letters for Disturbed Children here.
Do yourself a favor and look him up!
Tell 'em the Captain sent ye!

The Hero Initiative: And now, 3000 words on Phil Seuling

Here's a great article on the late, great Phil Seuling. If you collect comics, enjoy comic movies or play comics related games then you should know this larger than life man.

The Hero Initiative: And now, 3000 words on Phil Seuling

Magazineland Comic Book for 1977 with Marvel and DC Characters and More!

What a interesting item we have for you today.
I'm positive that this booklet was created for the Magazineland, USA celebration circa 1977.  It was attended by Phil Seuling the famed comic convention organizer.  I have provided a link to a video of this event here.
If you have any info on this, the Captain would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free Comic Book Day comes and goes...

My son crosses paths with a Black Cat.
Maybe that's why his hair is blue?