Friday, June 7, 2013

HeroesCon 2013!

If you want this shirt, you will get in your vehicle and get your butt to Charlotte, NC for the 2013 HeroesCon.
With guests like Jim Sterako, Neal Adams, Michael Golden, Roy Thomas, Bernie Wrightson and Joe Staton (to name a few) you can't be disappointed!
See ya there!

Monday, June 3, 2013

99 Lead Balloons

How Robin kept from severe lead poisoning and/or cancer during his time with Batman is just beyond me.
"After this, let's try out those new Bat-asbestos suits I made, Robin old chum!"

(Panel from Batman Vol 1 #88)

Lucky Stiff!

Man, the golden age Joker had it made!  He could go to a ballgame and goof without anyone giving him a second glance, white face and all!

Even when he gets the attention of catching a homer, he just gets called 'Lucky' and everybody goes home.
Just go rob a bank or something, dude.  Nobody'll know it's you.

(Panels from Batman Vol 1 #86)

Assault on DC!

"No, stop!  Leggo, bro!  I'm a big shot! I'm the Superman DC National Comics (whew!) logo!"
"But you look sooooooo goooood!"
"Stop it perv!  Besides, Didio has done enough of this already! STOP!"

Introducing: The Iranian Batman!!

Wasn't what I was expecting either.

(Panel from Batman vol. 1 #88)

Air is Getting a Bit Thin... bare, exposed legs are no problem however, thanks for asking!

(panel from Batman vol. 1 #93)

Remember When...

...Iron Man used skates?  This is from Secret Wars, but he was known to go roller bootin' in his own mag as well.

Steely Dan's Everything You Did.

I never knew you 
You were a roller skater 
You gonna show me later 
Turn up the Eagles the neighbors are listening

Shot in the Dark here Cap...

...but perhaps CREEPILY SPYING ON YOUR PARTNERS AT NIGHT might have something to do with it.
Just kiddin' Cap, I love ya man!

(Panel from Captain America #144/Art by Gray Morrow)

How Thanos Kills Time Waiting for the Next Avengers Movie...

Looks like he's had this going on for a while, too!

Iron Chef (Captain) America Followed by Kitchen Nightmares Starring Rick Jones...

When you're Captain America, everything you do is hardcore including giving Jarvis tips on how to make EXTREME CAPTAIN'S WAFERS!!  ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!


(Panel from Avengers 107/Written by Steve Englehart/Art by Jim Starlin)

Random Panel Salute Mondays...

The Cap'n would like to take a moment to salute all those at Hyacckk!
Giving so much and asking so little.

Hail Hyacckk!

(from Avengers vol. 1 #108/art by Don Heck)