Monday, November 14, 2011

Recovered: Extra! Captain America Serial With Shield!

This is an extra before the next "Recovered" proper.
I'm not going to get into the specifics of the Republic serial from 1944, rather I want to mention the main issue I have with it.
The shield.
The lack thereof, specifically.
The serial had good old Cap with no weapon save a gun.  That in and of itself would have been an issue a few years ago but with Ultimate Cap and Bucky-Cap, well it's not as big a topic.
Long story short, I fixed the problem, so enjoy!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recovered: Two Flash Covers of One World!

Really enjoyed doing this one.  Flash is one of my favs: Golden Age or Silver Age.
I tried some speed blur but it took away from the integrity of the original cover.  I didn't try to match the poses exactly, just the idea.
Hope you like the "Flash of Two World's" recover!

Friday, November 11, 2011

ReCovered: All Star 3 in Mego form!

For your geeky pleasure, I present one more now with a couple more coming tomorrow.
This is one of my favorites, as I am a big Justice Society fan and have wanted to do this one for a long time.  It took a few years to get these completed and I still change and update.  Would not be at all surprised if another version of this found its way here sometime in the future.

Recovered: Superman 14 Classic Cover with a Mego!

Well, seems as good of a time as any to get the old ball rolling again here.
This next set of posts was partially inspired by the wonderful "Covered" blog.  Some would say these would probably fit better in our sister blog: The Second Rule of Fight Club.
They may be right but I had fun creating these (something I have not had a lot of as of late) and wanted them firmly planted here in the Captain's quarters.

All the megos are my own customs and the design work is mine.  All were inspired by a comic cover but I did not labor to make an exact recreation.  Would've taken the fun out of it.
Much of the work involved was done quite some time ago, but is just now being shown to you, the receptive (I hope!) public.
Hope you enjoy!