Monday, August 30, 2010

Batman, You're Just a Bit Close and I.....Whoa!

What the?
Is Batman...?
The look on his face...
The ladies and Supes think it's funny?

Never mind.  I don't wanna know.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Little-Known Facts...

In the mid-1940's, Captain America and Bucky used a newly invented rage release method of dancing and inadvertently created breakdancing.
This particular incident took place outside of the Red Skull's mountain hideout in 1943. Seems Cap had just mashed his finger on a rock or something.
Pump up some Run-DMC while looking at this and you'll see it happen before your very eyes!

Artistic License : Spider-man and His Lengthening Tights!

Watch the leg on the right.

Trace of Venom in that suit, perhaps?

Alllll Aboard the Galactusville Trolley!

Thanos Imperative introduces the newest mode of transport in the Marvel Universe.
The Galactus Train will hit Poppup, Sakaar, and all points west.
Tickets to Planet X, the Zombie  and Monkey Earths and the Living Planet will cost extra.
Shalla Bal will not be included for the foreseeable future.

One More Lie...

Ahh, the fiasco that is Spider-Man's 'did that part happen' life.

 The latest:

No.  You toyed with the devil, Petey.
And HE saved good ol' Auntie May, continuing a severely inaccurate portrayal of the Spidey we used to know.
Promiscuity in a comic little kids read?
Peter Parker does it all, now man!
Mary Jane takes the lumps for the devil-dealing, though.
She tells the devil Pete would NEVER undo their marriage unless she tells him to.
Geez, Parker, Man up!
You used to be so decisive.