Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Give Me Sheep or Give Me Death...

I don't exactly know why I'm posting this, other than Halloween is nearly upon us.  It just struck me as funny, odd and maybe a bit disturbing and I thought you guys would love it!
(if you've seen this, please share a bit about it!)

Saturday, October 6, 2012


For the next few weeks, we're gonna have some fun at the expense of Marvel Comics' big ol' pot of hero soup known as Secret Wars.  
I really enjoyed the series when it first came out but on a recent re-reading, I learned that it was the greatest, most awesome thing since the creation of anything!
Don't believe me?
Read on:

Yes Johnny, trust the alien girl whose language you know nothing of.  Just don't claim you didn't inhale later on in the '90's when this poop hits the fan.
In the 1960's this was the start of a "happening".
Come back tomorrow for more Secret Wars awesomeness!


Oh mighty cover to Captain America number 69, you give me such joy and truly live up to your numbering!
Lord have mercy, where to begin?
Well, there IS the giant hand trying to cop a star-spangled feel of our hero plus the fact that the tiny titans seem to have placed some extra binding there at the old crotch.  Must've thought that pony was gonna bolt.
And where exactly did Captain America throw his mighty shield?  It'd come in handy covering up the old stars and garters, boy howdy!
There is a bit of Freudian symbolism here but man, I ain't touchin' that with a ten foot pole!
Maybe there's not much for Cap to be worried about, though.  They are called the "Wee Males" after all.