Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Proper Respect...

This is a Comic Book Foldee.  Fold 'em so the top part connects with another bottom and hilarity ensues.
Came out in 1966, when DC was in the midst of their silver age revival of golden age characters.  Not the 're-imagined' characters, I'm speaking of the original guys making a comeback.  The first was the Golden Age Jay Garrick, the Flash.  Lotsa trumpet blowing and ballyhoo later, the whole Justice Society of America  is back on the scene.  They interact with the Justice League and everyone is happy.
To get these great time-honored icons some extra exposure, DC put some of them on their swag.
In order to give the first cross-over character his just props, they gave him a great reference:
Old Flash.
Yeah, I'd scowl too Jay.

But at least you didn't get the Saturn Girl treatment:

Nothing amiss, you say?
Try the folding trick, it reads "Saturn Girl  The Pig"
Where's Matter-Eater-Lad when ya need him?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Marvel Comics Sugar Free Gum Wrappers

If you'd like to see some more really bad jokes, let me know and I'll post more of these.
REALLY bad jokes.

Actual Marvel Crate Label...

     I saw one of these recently and could not resist a purchase.

Marvel Lemons.


And the typeface for the word 'Marvel'.

Juicy is what that is, my friends.

This Amazing Spider-Sissy!

Butthead: Hey, lookit!  Spider-man's wearing girlie-lace!
Beavis: Yea and he's gettin' his butt kicked!
Butthead: Huh. Yea, if I saw him in lace, I'd kick his butt too.
Beavis: Spider-man's a girl.
Butthead: Huh. Yea.