Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rectifying a Mistake About Jonathan Hickman, Fantastic Four # 574 and the Word 'Retard'...

      It's possible that no one will ever read this.  I don't keep up with the traffic and such.  Mostly, this blog lets me yak about a few things I like or dislike and sometimes I am surprised with the results.  I once took offense at the use of the word 'retard' by Reed and Sue Richards daughter, Valeria Richards in a marvel comic.

 The backlash of that was that I was wrong and it is used by kids everywhere and I should get over myself.  Because it was becoming evident that there were more people willing perpetuate their own bottom-feeding attitude than not, I took the post down.  In fact, I took the entire blog down.  I was wrong to do both.  I don't mind healthy discussion, but to blather on just to get a reaction is not a discussion.  Even the writer of the book Jonathan Hickman gave a response that was no apology or even an admission of anything wrong.  I still stand by my opinion that 'retard' is a word that is hurtful, derogatory, and hateful.  Nothing anyone can say about free speech will change that.  It's bad in real life and in unforgivable in comics.  Children read and then perpetuate this ignorance about hurtful language. I stand my ground and if you want to talk in a rational manner, fine.
If you want to convince me that hurting a child's, any child's feelings over expression in a comic then go haunt someone else's blog.

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