Thursday, July 12, 2012

Is Namor Gay? Not there's anything wrong with that...

The recent Avengers vs X-Men crossover revealed that an alien thought that the Thing and Namor were conducting a mating ritual when they fought in Uncanny X-Men #12.  Ben seems a bit shocked but Subby almost appears to be contemplating it!  Just look at that face. Thinking about the Thing's Thing perhaps?
Now, in Avengers vs X-Men we are presented with Namor possessed of the Phoenix force and (I'm assuming) his choosing of appropriate attire.
Low riders.
The urban dictionary refers to them in this manner:

low rider

Refers to homosexual men wearing their pants low on the hip to expose colorful underwear in an attempt to attract a mate. The low riding pants signifies easy access to the mans rear compartment and not so subtly letting the other man know that he is on the down low.
"Since I been wearing my FUBU's low rider style, I been getting hit on by dudes everywhere I go."
Namor has gone one better by not wearing underwear!

C'mon, O King of Atlantis!  We don't care if you're try-sexual (try anything?) or tri-sexual (sex on a tricycle) but at least man up and admit it!